Dora Obodo

PhD Student

I received my B.S. in Bioengineering from George Mason University in Fairfax, VA in 2017. I am interested in harnessing machine learning and other computational tools to understanding biological processes.

My undergraduate research was two-fold. First, I spent one year developing an image-guided 6DOF robotic arm to automate spinal pedicle cannulation with the guidance of neurosurgeon Dr. Mahesh Shenai. Next, I spent 1.5 years in a Nanotechnology lab with Dr. Carolina Salvador Morales. My research here involved optimizing the synthesis of dual-modal theranostic nanoparticles by analyzing how shear stress forces affects the formation of these particles in computational fluid dynamic simulations. Here, I developed a passion and a curiosity for modeling biological processes at the nanoscale.

I also spent a year in a Chemical Engineering lab where my research involved creating a polymer-based flexible electrochemical biosensing device to detect a common biomarker for heart disease. Outside of work, I enjoy reading historical novels, creating new and innovative ways to connect with my culture, and cooking.


LimoRhyde2: genomic analysis of biological rhythms based on effect sizes, Obodo / Outland and Hughey, PLOS One 2023

Sex Inclusion in Transcriptome Studies of Daily Rhythms, Obodo / Outland and Hughey, J Biol Rhythms 2022